3 Important Business Principles You can Learn from Jiu-Jitsu

I’m not a martial art guy by any means, but few weeks ago, my co-worker friend, who is a hardcore Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, shared this very interesting video how Jiu-Jitsu combat principles can be applied in business scenarios.

The person in this video is Rener Gracie, who is obviously coming from the Gracie line of family. If you practice Jiu-Jitsu, you will definitely know him and you know how¬†passionate he is about Jiu-Jitsu. I hope we all can learn one or two things from him for our business today. Enjoy! Continue reading “3 Important Business Principles You can Learn from Jiu-Jitsu” »

Gerhana Matahari Total di Indonesia 2016

Gerhana matahari total (Total Solar Eclipse) atau GMT, sebutan pada umumnya di Indonesia, adalah suatu fenomena alam yang ternyata hanya terjadi 375 tahun sekali, sungguh suatu peristiwa alam yang jarang sekali terjadi.

Jika anda sempat melihatnya pada hari ini, belum tentu anda akan melihatnya lagi, kecuali anda berumur sangat panjang, sampai lebih dari 375 tahun ūüôā

Gerhana matahari total ini terjadi ketika posisi bulan persis berada di garis lurus antara bumi dan matahari, seperti di bawah ini:


Sayangnya, fenomena ini tidaklah dapat dilihat dari semua titik. Hanya titik tertentulah dimana anda dapat melihat dengan jelas gerhana matahari total ini.

Untuk anda yang berada di Indonesia, fenomena ini dapat terlihat jelas
dari beberapa kota, diantaranya adalah Palembang, Ternate, Belitung, Palu, dan Poso.



Akhirnya ini lah penampakan gerhana matahari total yang diliput dari pantai Tanjung Kelayang di Belitung.


Jika anda mau melihatnya secara LIVE (sekarang), anda dapat mengunjungi website resmi BMKG untuk Live Streaming

Jika anda berkesempatan untuk menyaksikan hal ini secara langsung, consider yourself lucky, because not everyone can witness this once-in-375-years phenomena.

Explore Belitung in 3 Days

There’s a saying in my country, says “tak kenal maka tak sayang.” It means that you won’t love someone (or something) if you don’t know anything about that person, so what better ways I can know and love Indonesia, other than to explore it.

That’s why I decided to explore Belitung, a small island on the east coast of Sumatra island.

For those of you who are so busy with your work life and have no time for travelling, Belitung can be the solution for you.

It only took 1 hour to fly from Jakarta to Belitung. It’s very affordable and can be explored in 3 days.

Here’s the cost breakdown of my trip:

  • Flight: Rp. 813,000 (round trip)
  • Local Tour: Rp. 900,000 (includes hotel for 3D2N, boat rent, snorkeling, and admission fees to tourist spots in Belitung)
  • Meals: Rp. 400,000
  • Gifts: Rp. 100,000

TOTAL: Rp. 2,213,000

We planned this whole trip in just 1 week, starting from buying the tickets, contacting the local tour guide, researching the spots, etc. I realized that we don’t have to plan too much when traveling domestic, especially for this kind of 3 days weekend getaway.

Luckily, everything went smooth and we ended up starting our trip on Feb 13th and going back to Jakarta on Feb 15th.

Ok, without further ado, let’s jump in to our first day in Belitung. Continue reading “Explore Belitung in 3 Days” »