2009-01-01 Destin Trip

This is the first time I went shopping. I rarely want anything, except for electronic gadgets and stuff  😉 , so when I went to Destin in the past, I didn’t buy anything. But now, I needed couple things: a bag and a new shoe.

– A banana rebublic bag: $52.42 (30% off)
– A sketcher shoe: $64.15
– An aeropostale shirt: $3.20 (85% off. This is too cheap to be true, so I bought it) 

Total spending is $119.77. Wow..I wouldn’t mind to spend that much money on an iPod, but for a bag, a shoe, and a shirt hmm…. not realy, but who cares. It’s not that I buy those things everyday, so I bought them anyway. It’s actually felt kindna good to do some shopping like this. I might shop again sometime 🙂

Author: Steven Sentosa

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