Bakmi Atep – Bakmi Khas Belitung

Hi Guys…

After few months not posting anything to my blog, I want to start sharing and posting stuff again to my blog. Not merely for sharing, I want to post things to my blog as a way for me to also document the things that I have done 🙂 I hope you enjoy it too!

So today my parent just got back from Belitung and brought me this noodle that is originally from Belitung. The kind of noodle is different that what I used to eat here in Jakarta. You’ll see below.

To start off, I was kinda surprised by the way the noodle was wrapped.

It’s very cool, isn’t it? They wrapped it using some sort of leaf. It’s not banana leaf like what I used to see, it’s something else. I’m sorry that I can’t identify the leaf. If you know what kind of leaf it is, please share in the comment section below.

After adding some melinjo crackers and pour in the sauce, the noodle will look like this.

You will also find sliced ingredients in it: cucumber, tofu, potato, and shrimp.

It tastes mild with no over-powered spices in it. Between salty and sweet, this noodle is leaning towards sweet side, but everything is still in balance.

After I almost finished my noddle, I just remembered that I forgot to put in the “bawang goreng” dang it! Luckily there is still some noodle left.

It does look good, doesn’t it? Too bad I only remember to put the “bawang goreng” at the end.

Have you tried Mie Belitung Atep? Do you like it?

For me personally, I still like bakmi Siantar better than this. Nevertheless, it’s still a good noodle though 🙂

Thanks for tuning in. See you on my next post.