Kopi Kapal Api – Slow Drip

I’m not a huge fan of coffee, but I drink it once and a while. For some reason, coffee doesn’t have that “awake” effect like it is for others, so I like to enjoy coffee for its taste, not for the caffeine effect.

The other day I got this instant coffee package from my friend. It turns out that it is a slow drip instant coffee.

I have seen other brands of slow drip coffee, but this is the first time I see the “Kapal Api” brand, which is a local coffee brand here in Indonesia. Continue reading “Kopi Kapal Api – Slow Drip” »

Bakmi Atep – Bakmi Khas Belitung

Hi Guys…

After few months not posting anything to my blog, I want to start sharing and posting stuff again to my blog. Not merely for sharing, I want to post things to my blog as a way for me to also document the things that I have done 🙂 I hope you enjoy it too!

So today my parent just got back from Belitung and brought me this noodle that is originally from Belitung. The kind of noodle is different that what I used to eat here in Jakarta. You’ll see below. Continue reading “Bakmi Atep – Bakmi Khas Belitung” »