Karakuri – Japanese Mechanized Automata Doll/Puppet

Japanese people would never stop to amaze me with their creativity. One particular one that intrigued me lately was Karakuri.

Karakuri (Karakuri Ningyo) was developed recently within the last 300 years (in the 1800s) by Japanese people as the embodiment of their robotic technology advances in the most traditional way. Karakuri is a mechanized automata doll/puppet that was designed in such a way to perform certain task without using any electricity.

Karakuri is basically used in three areas:

  • Butai karakuri (舞台からくり or stage Karakuri) is used in theater
  • Zashiki karakuri (座敷からくり or tatami room Karakuri) is small and mainly used at home
  • Dashi karakuri (山車からくり or festival car Karakuri) is used in religious festival

Here are some amazing Karakuri videos that I found around the net. Continue reading “Karakuri – Japanese Mechanized Automata Doll/Puppet” »

What’s Your $ Value?

Every morning, I’m listening to 104.7FM The Fish radio, Kevin & Taylor in the Morning, while driving to my work place. Interestingly, they brought up this question of how much money you put into yourself everyday, specifically the things that you wear and carry.

So…out of curiosity, I’m calculating my $ value. To make things simple, all the prices were from Amazon.com. Listed here are the things that I normally wear and carry everyday.

TOTAL $ Value = $400

Wow…I was little bit surprised actually with this figure. I don’t normally “bring” this much money in my wallet. LOL I don’t realize how much blessings that I took for granted everyday. It surely reminds me the importance of saving money and to be thankful for all the blessings that God has given me.

I was actually kinda wondering what other people’s $ value. You might be surprised how much “blessings” you carry and wear every day. Please add up the things that you wear and carry most of the time everyday, and let me know your $ value in the comment section below. It would be kinda interesting to share it with others. It’s fine if you are using different currencies. Just give me the figure and I will reply to your comment to show what it is in $.