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Legend of Noodles Restaurant Review

This the 1st time I’m eating at Legend of Noodles. I have passed this restaurant so many times before, since I typically pass by Senopati area for my office meetings.

When I woke up this morning, somehow I really wanted to eat some noodle, not sure what kind of noodle though. Having heard about this place from my friend, I decided to try Legend of Noodles today.


As you can see above the portion is so big. You can compare it with my Casio Pathfinder watch. Not really sure what to order, I ordered Haemul Jampong today, a seafood noodle, since the waitress said that it’s the most popular dish here. The only encounter I had with Jampong is the Korean instant noodle Jampong. And let me tell you, this is nothing like an instant noodle. They are really using actual Seafood….LOL green clam, big white clam (my Seafood vocabulary is not so stellar as you can tell), shrimp, oyster, octopus, and few other Seafood that I can’t even tell what it is hahhaha




Not just the look is good, the taste is also good. I’m not a native Korean, so I don’t know how the taste should be, but I think it’s pretty authentic from what I can tell. The broth is strong in flavor and the spices are just right. They are using a LOT of onion though, so if onion is not your thing, you better explicitly tell the waiter.

The ambience there is quite something. The place is not really like a traditional Korean restaurant, but the whole atmosphere felt like you are in Korea. Probably it is also because most of the customer there will be Korean. You will be a minority Indonesian there. I guess it’s a good sign that this place is quite an authentic Korean restaurant. This is not a quiet place though, so if you want a quiet romantic place, this is definitely not it. I guess you can still have a decent chat here without having to speak too loud, but expect some distractions.

Price is so-so. It’s not cheap but it’s not super expensive either. I spent around Rp. 90,000 for my meal. Cold Korean tea is already included, so I was just paying for the food.

One thing that’s bothering me is the fact that the hostess (not the waitress) there was wearing mini skirt. What’s up with that? Is it to attract male customers? I don’t know….possibly.

Overall, I really recommend this place if you want some authentic Korean noodles with an affordable price.

Legend of Noodles Korean Restaurant
Jl. Senopati No. 81
Kebayoran Baru – Jakarta Selatan
Telp. 021-52906995, 5210230

Sushi Joobu – All You Can Eat Sushi for Rp. 109,999++

It’s rare to find a place to eat sushi around my home area, so when I passed by this place, Sushi Joobu (it’s close to Puri Indah), I have been wanting to try out this place, especially after reading “All you can eat sushi for Rp. 109,999++” But poor me, I never had the chance to try it, not until about several months later.

Few days ago, when I got back from my church, by myself, I remembered that I wanted to try out this place, so I decided to go there alone and eating by myself *anybody wants to accompany me?? HINT: F.Y., this invitation is for you :)

If you don’t know the address of this place, here it is:

Sushi Joobu Sushi Restaurant
Ph. 021-581-9091
Jl. Pesanggrahan 10G
Jakarta Barat

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Mie Keriting Awai

Mie Keriting Awai
Jalan Raya Pluit Sakti No.45
Jakarta Utara,14450

Bakmie Awai adalah bakmie yang boleh dibilang paling enak dari seluruh bakmie keriting babi yang pernah saya coba. Tekstur bakmie-nya pun sangat pas, tidak terlalu keras ataupun terlalu lembek. Dipadu dengan potongan panggang babi, daging potong, dan sayur-sayuran (caisim dan toge), bakmie keriting Awai adalah salah satu favorit saya ketika saya makan kedaerah Pluit.

Apakah anda ada rekomendasi tempat bakmie yang enak lagi untuk daerah Pluit dan sekitarnya? Jika ada, silahkan bantu saya dan teman-teman lain yang membaca blog ini untuk mengetahui tempat bakmie favorite anda.

Satu hal yang unik juga ketika saya makan di daerah Pluit, yaitu bahwa ada banyak tempat-tempat makan enak disekitar anda, jadi jangan kaget kalau amda melihat ada kwetiau di foto-foto saya dibawah ini. Saya memesan kwetiai tersebut dari restaurant persis di sebelah bakmie keriting Awai.

Yang saya menyesal adalah saya tidak menanyakan harga per mangkuknya berapa, karena kebetulan ada orang lain yang bayarin untuk kita semua. Yang pasti, kami memesan 1 porsi pangsit, 1 porsi besar bakmi keriting, 1 porsi kecil bakmie keriting, 2 es teh tawar, dan 1 teh tawar hangat. Total pembayaran adalah sebesar Rp. 80,000.

Berikut ini adalah beberapa foto yang saya ambil ketika saya makan disana.