2009-01-05 Beef Spagetthi Alfredo

– Spaghetti
– Stir-fry beef
– Hot dogs
– Mix vegetables
– Minced garlic
– Alfredo sauce

1.) Cook spaghetti until it’s “almost” soft and drain it.
2.) Stir fry mince garlic and the beef, add soy sauce for more flavor. After the beef is almost cooked, add cut hot dogs. Wait until the beef is cooked.
3.) Mix the beef and spaghetti together. Stir them well.
4.) Add mix vegetables in and stir them well.
5.) Add alfredo sauce and stir them well.
6.) Add any additional salt and pepper.

2008-12-28 American Breakfast

– Potato
– Eggs
– Hot dogs
– Mushrooms 


1.) Boil potatoes in salted water until they are tender enough to be smashed into mashed potato
2.) Make scramble eggs
3.) Grill the hot dogs and the mushroom (I used George Freeman  grill)
4.) Serve  mashed potato, scramble egg, grilled hot dogs and grilled mushroom in the place with ketchup and hot sauce.