Review Bakmi Pangsit Palu di Kelapa Gading

Kembali lagi dengan culinary journey gua untuk cobain semua tempat makan bakmi di Jakarta. Emang goal ini kesannya absurd banget, tapi yaa begitulah, demi mencapai kepuasan makan bakmi, semua tempat makan bakmi enak di Jakarta harus gua cobain 🙂

Kali ini gua berkesempatan mengunjungi Bakmi Pangsit Palu di Kelapa Gading. Sebenernya sih udah beberapa kali temen gua mengusulkan tempat makan ini, tapi karena kesibukan yang ada, baru sempat hari Sabtu ini kesana.

To be honest, pas waktu gua sampe, gua agak lumayan kaget karena tempatnya kecil banget. Saking kecilnya, gua harus nuggu bangku kosong for about 15 min.

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Report Issues Around Jakarta to Pemprov DKI Using QLUE

Few weeks ago I had my first experience using Qlue, a city improvement app, developed by Jakarta government to help them getting live report from the citizen, so they can take care of any city-related issues in timely manner.

This is not, by any means, a complete review and guide for Qlue app. I’m just sharing my experience using the app and encouraging you to install one and use it to make Jakarta a better city to live in.

I first heard about the app from my uncle at my Chinese New Year family gathering few weeks back.

My uncle told me how Pemprov DKI (Jakarta Government) paved the road in front of his house only 1 month after he reported it via the mobile app, something that he hasn’t been been able to get after requesting it multiple times in the past 20+ years he lived in that area.

Impressed by his story, I decided to give it a try and use it the next day to report this traffic light near my house that has been covered by trees.


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There’s Still Hope for Traffic in Jakarta

If you are living in Jakarta, you will know for sure and experience how bad the traffic is in Jakarta. This traffic problem has been there for years and years. To be honest, I, as a citizen of Jakarta, started to get complacent with it. It feels like it’s just part of living in Jakarta and started to lose hope that it will get better.

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