Japan – The One Country I will Visit Again!

It’s been a year since my last post…

I know, it’s thatttt bad 🙁 It’s so easy to get caught up with things and even forget that I have a blog LOL

I just got back from Japan last week, and it blew my mind. It was my 1st visit to Japan, but it was surely not the last one. Everything that I knew, heard, and imagine about Japan is true. Japan is unlike any other Asian countries I visited.

The country is so modern (most advanced among all other Asian countries), but yet it has this traditional touch and very rich cultural heritage that permeates in every aspect of their daily life. 

I was in Japan for 9 days and spent most of my time in Tokyo. Still, I feel that it’s not enough to explore, just, Tokyo, let alone other cities.

Tokyo itself has tons of things to eat, do and see. I only visited the popular area, such as: Shibuya, Tsukiji, Shinjuku, and Ginza. There are so many things to see with so little time 🙁

They deserve another post, I think. For now, I only want to share few things that I learned about Japan and Japanese people, in general. Continue reading “Japan – The One Country I will Visit Again!” »

Explore Belitung in 3 Days

There’s a saying in my country, says “tak kenal maka tak sayang.” It means that you won’t love someone (or something) if you don’t know anything about that person, so what better ways I can know and love Indonesia, other than to explore it.

That’s why I decided to explore Belitung, a small island on the east coast of Sumatra island.

For those of you who are so busy with your work life and have no time for travelling, Belitung can be the solution for you.

It only took 1 hour to fly from Jakarta to Belitung. It’s very affordable and can be explored in 3 days.

Here’s the cost breakdown of my trip:

  • Flight: Rp. 813,000 (round trip)
  • Local Tour: Rp. 900,000 (includes hotel for 3D2N, boat rent, snorkeling, and admission fees to tourist spots in Belitung)
  • Meals: Rp. 400,000
  • Gifts: Rp. 100,000

TOTAL: Rp. 2,213,000

We planned this whole trip in just 1 week, starting from buying the tickets, contacting the local tour guide, researching the spots, etc. I realized that we don’t have to plan too much when traveling domestic, especially for this kind of 3 days weekend getaway.

Luckily, everything went smooth and we ended up starting our trip on Feb 13th and going back to Jakarta on Feb 15th.

Ok, without further ado, let’s jump in to our first day in Belitung. Continue reading “Explore Belitung in 3 Days” »