Explore Belitung in 3 Days

There’s a saying in my country, says “tak kenal maka tak sayang.” It means that you won’t love someone (or something) if you don’t know anything about that person, so what better ways I can know and love Indonesia, other than to explore it.

That’s why I decided to explore Belitung, a small island on the east coast of Sumatra island.

For those of you who are so busy with your work life and have no time for travelling, Belitung can be the solution for you.

It only took 1 hour to fly from Jakarta to Belitung. It’s very affordable and can be explored in 3 days.

Here’s the cost breakdown of my trip:

  • Flight: Rp. 813,000 (round trip)
  • Local Tour: Rp. 900,000 (includes hotel for 3D2N, boat rent, snorkeling, and admission fees to tourist spots in Belitung)
  • Meals: Rp. 400,000
  • Gifts: Rp. 100,000

TOTAL: Rp. 2,213,000

We planned this whole trip in just 1 week, starting from buying the tickets, contacting the local tour guide, researching the spots, etc. I realized that we don’t have to plan too much when traveling domestic, especially for this kind of 3 days weekend getaway.

Luckily, everything went smooth and we ended up starting our trip on Feb 13th and going back to Jakarta on Feb 15th.

Ok, without further ado, let’s jump in to our first day in Belitung. Continue reading “Explore Belitung in 3 Days” »

Macau Tower (Hong Kong Trip Series)

Ok…let me be honest with you. I’m having a really hard time writing for my last Hong Kong Trip. I don’t know why 🙁 It’s either I was too busy, feeling lazy, or whatever other 1001 reasons, that you know, as well, is just an excuse not to write.

But I really do want to share with you guys how awesome the places is in Hong Kong, so I changed my way of thinking. Instead of sharing the detail itinerary of my days in Hong Kong, just like my 1st post, I will talk about each places instead. I found this method is more appealing for me to write. Continue reading “Macau Tower (Hong Kong Trip Series)” »