The Key to Conquer Problems in Life

Life can get tough…trust me it will. Perhaps, the very reason you are reading this now because you are in tough times now. However, our response to it will make a whole lot difference. You can either be defeated by the toughness of life, or you can be triumphant over it and live more than a conqueror life. It’s up to you. Continue reading “The Key to Conquer Problems in Life” »

Work as an Act of Worship [VIDEO]

In a world we live in now, we often separate religious and secular matters. We often tend to think that we are doing secular matters from Monday to Saturday, and then on Sunday, we are doing religious matters. It should not be that way. As you will see in the video below, work is also an act of worship to God. As worship is our reaction and respond to God’s unmerited love, worship should encompass every area of our life, especially work, where we spend over half of our time there.

I hope this video can stir your heart and make you rethink where do you put work in your act of worship?

Ted Williams – A Homeless Man with a God-Given Golden Voice

If you don’t live in US, the chance is that you haven’t heard of Ted Williams. I, too, knew about him recently from one of my friend, Andy Chandra. He put a status update in his wall on Facebook saying:

‎- yeaa….the Homeless Man with a Golden Radio Voice got a job offer…more than 100 job offers

and my response was

what r u talking about? dpt dr mana lu ini (where did you get this)?

It turns out he was talking about Ted Williams, and here’s the complete story how it all started. I hope you can be blessed by his story.
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