It’s hard to become a professional blogger

I just realized how hard it is to become a professional blogger. Since now I will be blogging for my job, I can no longer use my mediocre writing skills. I have to improve my blogging skills somehow. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not talking about blogging here. It’s about blogging for the company I’m working for now.

My biggest challenges in blogging are language and flow. English is not my first language, so I will naturally have problem with copywritings. I know it will probably take my entire life to master English copywritings, so I just need to improve it as best as I could. I’m not demanding to become an English language scholar, but at least to become a fine blogger. I would also want to write with smooth flow, not too rigid but not too loose either.

Do you have any suggestion for good books or good websites to check out? Anything will do. It’s not gonna be easy, I know, but I’m willing to take the extra steps to be better at it. In case you are wondering, I will be blogging about real estate apartments and house complexes in different cities, so it will be pretty much about everything: apartment living, go green, health, food, social events, etc.

Leadership Tower

We did a pretty interesting game today in our leadership class. Our instructor separated us into 4 random teams, where each team consist of four people. The objective was simple, create a hang-free tower as tall as possible with a bunch of newspaper, tapes, and rubber band within less than 30 min. Here’s what our team created.

Me, Jerry, Heather, and Andy (from left to right)

With the little time given and poor construction, I’m surprised this tower can still stand.

As we created this tower, there are couple things we observed.

  • Our team was a flat team, meaning there’s no dominant leaders. All of us are leader in our own tasks. It’s kinda weird that we started with no idea on how to make a tower. However, as we progress along, each of us contribute ideas, and ended up doing our each own task to build this tower. Me and Andy were the tower builder. Jerry and Heather were the material maker. We didn’t decide this, we just did it. I guess we acted as our own leader and determined what was the thing I can do the best at that time.
  • Foundation is really important. The keys here are planning and preparation. Without proper planning, we can’t make a tower from newspapers and hoping it will stand still. There will be unexpected things happen as you progress, but the main goal was clear from the beginning, to build a tower using triangular foundation and using pillars to raise the building.
  • You have to know your limit. We can’t keep increasing the height of this tower. There will be certain level where if you add more height, the building will collapse. Don’t let your proud blind you from seeing the reality. We were not the highest tower in the class, but we knew the limit of our building. In fact, one of the team has their tower collapse during presentation. It’s because poor planning and too much weight on the tower.
  • Communication is important. This reminds me of tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-8). Without proper communication, there will be no unity to achieve one specific goal, which in this case to build a tower.

Overall, this game was pretty fun. I wish there will be more of this practical game again in our leadership class.

3 Lessons from Bolt (2008) Disney Movie

Disney Bolt Cartoon Movie 2008I just watched this cartoon couple days ago, and I really liked it. Some people think that cartoon is only for kids, but I disagree with that. You can learn some moral lessons from kids movie. This aspect is gone for most of the movies lately though. They are, most of the time, full with violence, sex, and hatred. May be this is why our young generation now is full with violence, sex, and hatred nowadays. It’s all because they have been indoctrinated with those idealisms by what they watch everyday. Continue reading “3 Lessons from Bolt (2008) Disney Movie” »