Report Issues Around Jakarta to Pemprov DKI Using QLUE

Few weeks ago I had my first experience using Qlue, a city improvement app, developed by Jakarta government to help them getting live report from the citizen, so they can take care of any city-related issues in timely manner.

This is not, by any means, a complete review and guide for Qlue app. I’m just sharing my experience using the app and encouraging you to install one and use it to make Jakarta a better city to live in.

I first heard about the app from my uncle at my Chinese New Year family gathering few weeks back.

My uncle told me how Pemprov DKI (Jakarta Government) paved the road in front of his house only 1 month after he reported it via the mobile app, something that he hasn’t been been able to get after requesting it multiple times in the past 20+ years he lived in that area.

Impressed by his story, I decided to give it a try and use it the next day to report this traffic light near my house that has been covered by trees.


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How to Record Your Phone Call on Android?

You just had this important call with your boss about something you are working on, and you want to refer back to something that your boss said. There were some parts that you forgot the detail of. And you were thinking, I wish I recorded that call.

Or maybe there were a time you just had a call with someone you really hate, and wished that you can record every single words that he said, and show to the whole word how a**h*le he is. Ok…I might be exaggerating a bit there.

automatic-call-recorder-logoWhatever the case might be, you must have had a time in the past when you wished that you recorded that call that you just had. I had several of those cases, and have been looking for a good android app for that. Finally, I found one. It’s called “Automatic Call Recorder”.

Automatic Call Recorder, as the name says, will automatically record all your call, whether be in 3GP, AMR, or WAV format. It can also be synced to your Google Drive, so you can access your recording anywhere. There are some additional features in it, such as ignore some contacts, shake-to-record, etc., but I don’t use them really that much. I’m just glad to the fact that it’s just working.

Even though all calls are being recorded, not all of them are saved (although technically they are). I think what the app creator was trying to do is to separate which calls you want to sync to the cloud and which one that you just want to have it on your device, which a pretty neat small feature. You can actually turn off auto recording and record call manually, but I found it to be cumbersome, so I always use the auto recording mode.

Are you going to give it a try? Visit the app store at for more detail.

Tell me what do you think about this app after you use it.


Blackberry Messenger Akan Hadir Untuk Android dan iOS di Indonesia

[ UPDATED 2013/09/22 Download link untuk Android: ]

Menunggu bukanlah suatu hal yang menyenangkan. Hal ini terlebih lagi berat ketika menunggu aplikasi Blackberry Messenger hadir di platform Android dan iOS. Personally, kareana saya menggunakan device Android, tentu saja saya menanti-nantikan aplikasi Blackberry Messenger (BBM) yang resmi di Google Play Store. Kemungkinan besar, aplikasi terbaru dari Blackberry Limited ini akan dapat di-download di sini.


Namun terakhir kali saya memeriksanya (2013/09/21 21:30), BBM client belum keluar di halaman tersebut. Mungkin anda sudah tahu sekarang, bahwa banyak sekali aplikasi-aplikasi BBM di Google Play Store sekarang yang sebenarnya adalah semuanya palsu. Jadi jangan anda terpancing untuk mendowload dan menginstallnya.

Hal ini sejalan dengan apa yang @BBM katakan bahwa aplikasi BBM untuk Android belum di release.

Twitter - @BBM for AndroidNamun jika anda pengguna iOS yang tinggal di New Zealand, berbahagialah! Karena BBM for iOS sudah tersedia disana, as of 2013/09/22 00:01 their local time.

Twitter - @BBM for iOSSaya akan memantau terus perkembangan ini, dan akan segera mengupdate page ini dengan download link dari aplikasi BBM for Android atau informasi tambahan lainya mengenai hal ini.

NOTE: Jika ada dari anda yang mengetahui “keberadaan” BBM for Android, terutama untuk market Indonesia, silahkan share linknya di section comment di bawah ini.