Wibiya Toolbar Application Fail to Load Problem

I just recently installed Wibiya toolbar on my personal blog, and faced with few problems where few of the applications from the toolbar did not load properly: RSS feed, Facebook Community, and Twitter application

I just recently installed Wibiya toolbar on my personal blog, and faced with few problems where few of the applications from the toolbar did not load properly: RSS feed, Facebook Community, and Twitter application.

Wibiya Twitter application fail to load

With little bit of research, I finally solved the problem.

Wibiya Twitter application success to load

This is actually simple problem. What actually happened is that the jQuery installed on my blog is causing the error. To fix this, just add this code somewhere after the BODY tag:

<script src=’http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.3.2/jquery.min.js’ type=’text/javascript’></script>

You can put this piece of code anywhere between the body content. For me, since I’m using WordPress Arclite theme, I just added the code to the footer using Arclite plugin setup.

Wibiya team member just got back to me this morning and suggested me several solutions. This particular solution works the best for me, because it solves the jQuery conflict between Wibiya toolbar and Lightbox plugin, and it is specific to the WordPress theme that I’m using. Here’s the solution.

Apparently it has something to do with the WordPress themes that I’m using, which is Arclite. It’s jQuery javascript mess up the Wibiya Toolbar and Lightbox plugin. The solution here is to edit Arclite Javascript, that can be found at yourdomain.com/wp-content/themes/arclite/js/arclite.js.

Find this line: // fixes for IE-7 cleartype bug on fade in/out, and delete (or comment out) these three sections:


It should solve your problem, if you were having the same Wibiya toolbar problem like I had. Let me know if it works for you or not.

IntenseDebate – WordPress Plugin Commenting System

IntenseDebate WordPress Plugin Commenting SystemI just found out about IntenseDebate about couple weeks ago, and I tried it on one of my blog. So far, I really liked it. It really brings in all the components that necessary to make blog commenting even more interesting.

There are several things that I really like from IntenseDebate.

  • Tracking and Notification. It can track your comments that you made in every blog that uses IntenseDebate, so you won’t lose track of what and where did you leave your comments. It will also notify you if someone is replying to your comments or there are new comments in the blog post that you commented on.
  • Threaded comments. There is nothing more confusing than finding where your comments is and the comments that replied to one particular comment. IntenseDebate solves this problem. It groups all comment replies in one spot, so you can find them easily.
  • Voting system. This feature is to rewarding great comments that people made. Comments are the bloodline of a blog, so there must be something to reward user who left good comments. IntenseDebate will allow you to do this. On the other side, bad comments should be discouraged. IntenseDebate will also allow you to do this.

FYI, IntenseDebate will save your comments both on their server and your blog server, so you have to synchronize them on your  first use after you installed it. And as of now, IntenseDebate plugin is still not supported if you host your blog in WordPress.com. Hopefully WordPress will find a way to enable this plugin to work in their system, so don’t worry WordPress.com bloggers, your time will come.

Installer link: http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/intensedebate.2.4.2.zip

I also want to announce that My Internet Corner is now using IntenseDebate to facilitate its commenting system. I hope your commenting experience will be more enjoyable after using this new system. There is actually another WordPress plugin that is as popular as IntenseDebate, which is Disqus. We’ll see how IntenseDebate work for MyInternerCorner.com. If it gives you problem, I might change it. Let me know what do you think about this plugin?

WordPress Application in Beta for Blackberry

This is my first post using WordPress Blackberry application. To be honest with you, my main reason why I rarely blog again lately is because I rarely use my actual laptop again to do my daily routine (checking email, browsing, Facebook, etc.) Now with this apps, I can blog anytime I want using my phone. It’s really convenient, isn’t it?

So far, I’m quite pleased with the apps. It ran smoothly and didn’t give me any problem yet. If you are a blackberry user and has a WP blog, either wordpress.com or self-hosted WP, you should try this apps and let me know how it goes for you.

For more information about this beta version of WordPress Blackberry Apps, go to http://blackberry.wordpress.org/2009/07/07/wordpress-for-blackberry-beta/ or if you want to give it a try right a way, the download link is http://blackberry.wordpress.org/install

Enjoy it 🙂