Cheap 500+ Sound Effects for $2.59

Are you a movie maker or may be just someone who like to create an audio book, like Couple days ago I just found this great collections of sound effects that you can use for whatever your need is. It has so many sound effects for different occasions. It is so many that I was overwhelmed by it.

I was creating a background audio for an on-stage performance several years ago, and I had problem finding the sound effect that I needed. I searched around the Internet with little results. There are actually a lot of sites out there that offers this, but just imagined how much money it would cost you to get 500 sound effects one by one. It is going to be really expensive.

I realized that not everyone needs 500+ sound effects stored on their hard drive. They might not be used ever. However, for people in the entertainment business, this could be a really good resource for their projects. They are also a DRM-free content, so you can use them freely.

So, if you happen to be those people who “play” around with sound effects regularly, you want to go and grab this great sound effects compilation now.

500 Sound Effects
500 Sound Effects

Author: Steven Sentosa

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