Indonesia is the Best Place to Start a Business

At first, it’s hard to believe this bold statement that “Indonesia is the Best Place to Start a Business,” even surpasses USA. However, it’s very true. Indonesia has now emerged to be a business utopia for many entrepreneurs. This phenomenon is confirmed by BBC’s economic correspondent, Andrew Walker, on his article – Indonesia “Top” for Entrepreneurs.

Index derived from the mean scores (on a scale from 1 to 4) of four questions: 

  • Valuation of creativity/innovation in own country
  • Difficulty to start own business in country
  • Valuation of people who start own business
  • Ease of putting ideas into practice


Willis Wee at also said that Indonesia is now the rising tech-startup nation. He mentioned that there are 4 reason why Indonesia sprang into a tech-startup nation:

  1. Indonesia is a huge market
  2. Young Indonesian are very tech savvy
  3. Indonesians are inspired by what has happened in US
  4. Low startup cost

For these reasons, few tech-startup companies have been acquired by international companies, such as Disdus by Groupon and Koprol by Yahoo in relatively short period of time.

Not only in technology field, Indonesia is also a fertile land for any type of business you can imagine of, especially in retail.  You can find people with crazy business idea in the Inspiration section of and Business Opportunity section of Many of them are retailers. However, it just surprises me how these people can come up with their products:

So what do you think? Are you ready to taste this lucrative business opportunity in Indonesia?

Author: Steven Sentosa

Steven Sentosa is a passionate blogger who likes to share his life and help others through his blog, He offers social media services and Internet marketing consultation per client's request. You can reach him via Twitter @StevenSentosa.