Is Steve Jobs Selling Taiwanese Tea Now??

Apple is undoubtedly the most creative tech company in the world. Just when you think that you’ve got their coolest gadget, iPad 2, they just now released “iTea”. Hit the video for more information.

You might have already noticed that this video is not real (or maybe you have not! LOL) Steve Jobs is NOT selling Taiwanese Tea now. He’s still sitting in his office trying to wash people’s brain to think that Apple’s products are the coolest products ever….at least that’s my humble opinion. No offense if you are Apple’s fans. 🙂 This is actually an advertisement that was aired on Taiwanese TV network for Tong Yi Cha, a Taiwanese tea product. Nonetheless, who ever impersonated Steve Jobs did a pretty good job!

If you think that this is the end of the story. You are wrong. An attempt to impersonate Steve Jobs continues with MTR release of their subway apps.

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Author: Steven Sentosa

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