Japan – The One Country I will Visit Again!

It’s been a year since my last post…

I know, it’s thatttt bad 🙁 It’s so easy to get caught up with things and even forget that I have a blog LOL

I just got back from Japan last week, and it blew my mind. It was my 1st visit to Japan, but it was surely not the last one. Everything that I knew, heard, and imagine about Japan is true. Japan is unlike any other Asian countries I visited.

The country is so modern (most advanced among all other Asian countries), but yet it has this traditional touch and very rich cultural heritage that permeates in every aspect of their daily life. 

I was in Japan for 9 days and spent most of my time in Tokyo. Still, I feel that it’s not enough to explore, just, Tokyo, let alone other cities.

Tokyo itself has tons of things to eat, do and see. I only visited the popular area, such as: Shibuya, Tsukiji, Shinjuku, and Ginza. There are so many things to see with so little time 🙁

They deserve another post, I think. For now, I only want to share few things that I learned about Japan and Japanese people, in general.

Respect & Be Nice to Others

It amazes me the level of thoughtfulness and respect the Japanese people have toward others. They are always polite and considerate about how the things they do impact others.

For example, you will rarely see people walking around while smoking. They have separate/private place for that, so other won’t be bothered by the smoke.

People are very quiet while in the train. They even ask the passengers to silent the phone while they are on the train.

There were one time, I was  asking someone about a store that I was looking for, and to my surprise, this person personally showed me the way and escorted me until I arrived at the store. Can you remember the last time someone, whom you asked, did that for you?


Japan is a very clean country. Not just in terms of its air, but also in terms of the things that you see daily: the street, the houses, the buildings, and even the toilets. Everything is clean.

Japanese people has developed this mental conscious to be clean in everything they do. I never saw people throw away garbage on the street. The weird part is that it’s so hard to find garbage can at public area.

They also separate thrashes into different categories so that they can be processed and recycled separately.  

Keep Your Cultural Value Heritage

Despite of the modern city and high skyscrapers, Japan is, in my opinion, one (if not the only) Asian country who still keep their cultural heritage.

This can be seen in their ornament everywhere from the shrine at the street road to the local food street vendor. Not just the physical appearance of their culture, but also the value & moral teaching. They are honest and working hard (with excellence spirit in mind). No wonder that Japan is one of the most successful country in the world. 

These three things captured my heart 🙂

Hopefully I can share you more about Japan in my future posts. Meanwhile, I hope we all can learn few things from the Japanese people and be a better version of ourself.

Cheers…see you on the next post!