keong mas

Like our namesake Keong Mas, we long to humbly and unselfishly serve the poor, powerless, and the disadvantaged in Indonesia by making use of the many God-given gifts that we collectively possess

Keong Mas’ Mission is to:

A. Educate, inspire, and empower the general mass in Indonesia for the betterment of human rights conditions in Indonesia
B. Become the meeting point of the interests of two groups:

1. Gifted individuals in the realms of arts and information technology who have a heart for Indonesia’s poor, powerless, and disadvantaged and are looking to partner with similar others to achieve an effective combined result that benefits our constituents
2. Credible Individuals and organizations in Indonesia who are working in the field for the poor,powerless, and disadvantaged and are in need of creative and technical assistance

Keong Mas’ Core Values:
1. Self-owned willingness and passion to serve the poor,powerless, and the disadvantaged
2. Commitment to excellence in whatever we do and create
3. Active communication and participation from each member
4. Utmost respect and sensitivity for all individuals within and outside our community
5. Non-hierarchical structure: while we each may have different roles, everybody remains an equal partner in the Keong Mas community

Author: Steven Sentosa

Steven Sentosa is a passionate blogger who likes to share his life and help others through his blog, He offers social media services and Internet marketing consultation per client's request. You can reach him via Twitter @StevenSentosa.