My Friends


  • Gaby Suroto ( – Food, Travel, and Photography blog about anything that you want to know about Bali. I stumbled upon Gaby’s blog when I was looking around about Bali. I surely look Bali in a whole new way after reading her blog.
  • Michaellin Prawatya ( – a high school friend who like to share her thought about life and her walk with God.
  • Jill Bobby ( – a co-worker at, who is really passionate about Social Media and reaching people’s life with her writings. Her blog is full with deep & real life experience/journey that she went through.


  • GBC Jakarta ( – a Godly church that is so grounded in God’s unshakable love. It’s a place where you are always reminded about your position as God’s beloved son and daughter, about HIS abundant grace and favor upon your live.