My New Buddy – 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

I am finally letting my lovely black 2002 Honda Accord SE go. If you read my post back then, I was saying that God really answered my prayer by giving me that car. However, I learned something. God will always have the best plan for you. That best plan could be to be content to what God currently gives you. In my case, God replaced it with another one.

I never stop being amazed by God. I would never think that I would get an American car, FORD. Asian cars have been my favorites for so long. But in this past months, I start to have interest in truck, especially Ford Explorer Sport Trac. To me, it is the combination of SUV and truck. It has the comfort of SUV and in the same time, it also has the huge space of a truck. The reason why I want to sell my Honda is because it starts to give me some problem, so I’m afraid if I kept that car too long, the value will continue falling down, it might brake down anytime, and it is close to 120,000 miles, so I will spend money for some major services and tune ups soon. So, I decided to sell it.

Luckily, God was kinda pointing me to Frontier Motors to trade in my car, and it is just so happened that the dealer offered me good price for my old car and they also have 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac on stock. After I prayed several times, I finally decided to trade in my car and buy from them. After final calculation, I still need to pay $1596 for the 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac. That already included everything though, from title, registration, tax, etc. My impression of driving it for just couple days, it feels much sturdier than my old Honda. I can see the street more since the seat is elevated higher. Gas mileage is worse though, around 15-25 MPG.

If you are in Pensacola area, I highly recommend you to you to go to Frontier Motors to look for cars. That place has some professional salesman that actually treat you really well. They are not pushy, very open, and really informative. You can test drive the car if you want. You can test drive the car, leave, and come back the next day to test out the car again, if you want. They will even take care of you after you purchased the car. They sent me this strudel that was really delicious. I mean, who in the world would send you a strudel after you bought something from them. Very rare. If you are interested, look for Rob Hazewinkel, 850-698-3213. Just tell him that you know him from Steven Sentosa, who’s from PCC.

One thing that you need to pay attention when selling and buying car in Florida is that you have to keep your old license plate. The dealer will take car all the paperwork for you, but you still have to pay for the new registration tag yourself. The dealer will give you temporary license plate before you received your new registration tag. After you got your registration tag, you can replace the dealer’s license plate with your old one, with the new tag replacing the old one. If you sell your car to individual buyer, you need FORM 82050, ONLY if you don’t have the original title in hand. I called them to ask if I need to fill out this form or not, even though I had the original title, and they said that I don’t have to fill out form 8050 if I had the original title. You still need to keep your old license plate though. Also, don’t forget to inform your car insurance company telling them you are changing car.

Author: Steven Sentosa

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    • hahahha yup gitu deh. Praise God for His goodness 🙂