My New Hobby of Fishing

I have a new hobby now starting last month. It may not be a hobby that everyone likes. Some people say that it was boring and only for old people, but I think they were wrong, because I’m still young and I like it; plus, it’s not boring at all. That new hobby I had is fishing.

This past weekend we went to Pensacola Pier for fishing. We were pretty crazy, I should admit. We were heading there at the crack of dawn, 5 o’clock in the morning on SATURDAY morning. Can you imagine that? Usually most people are still sleeping at that time, but we heard that it’s the good time to start fishing, so we went at that time.

It costs us $7.5 to get in there and it’s valid until 12 o’clock at night. So since we don’t want to waste our money, we stayed there from 5 am to 12pm and from 5 pm to 11 pm. It was 14 hours of fishing there. LOL….we are pretty hardcore, I know. We had so much fun though to see more experienced people fishing there at the pier and learned a lot from them.

However, most people are fishing for the king fish or barracuda fish there. Unfortunately, my rod is not as good as most people there had, so I don’t know if I can handle those fishes using my rod now. My rod now is Jarvis Walker Integra IS702M and my reel is Akuma Stinson SI-40 (btw, I just got this last night so I need to give it a try first). The reason I upgraded from JW400 reel to SI-40 is because I felt that my old reel isn’t smooth enough, especially when I’m catching bigger fishes, so I upgraded it. I bought my rod and reel as a combo (rod and reel) for $23, and now the SI-40 itself cost me $31, which is more expensive than the combo rod itself . Sighh….I guess a good reel will cost you money, ha?

Well…there will be more postings about fishing coming, since it’s my new hobby. This weekend couple of my friends from Atlanta will come down to Pensacola for fishing with us, so it’s gonna be so much fun, as always 😉

We took several pictures from the beach below. FYI, we didn’t catch the King fish nor the Mahi-mahi, someone else did. I just want to show you how big those fishes can be there at the Pensacola Pier. BUT….this Saturday we will go there again, and hopefully, we can catch some King Mackarel or Spanish Mackarel. I don’t think we can get the Mahi-mahi, because they said that it’s pretty rare to get it. We’ll see.

Do you guys have any experience or story in fishing? If you have, please share it with me here. Thanks. Happy fishing!!!

Pensacola Beach
People waiting for the Blue Angel show
King Mackarel
Fishing Crew (me, Irsan, Fandy, Chang Hun, Joe)

Author: Steven Sentosa

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