NEW Release – Skype 4 for Windows

Does any of you use Skype? if you do, I have a great news for you. Skype 4 for Windows is just out. I use Skype quite a bit. Since my parents are in Indonesia, the best way (read: cheapest way) to communicate with each other is by using Skype. By enlarge, Skype is much better for audio and video call than using MSN or Yahoo! Messenger.

The good news is that Skype was promising several improvements in Skype 4. Download here.

Bigger video
Feel like you’re talking face-to-face with great sound and picture. Fill your screen with the faces you love.
Best-ever sound
Calls are crystal clear and even more reliable. Plus our ‘smart help’ picks up any sound issues and helps you fix them during a call.
Juggle conversations
Pick up and switch between conversations. Organize everything in one main screen or choose separate windows for each conversation.

Demo video (it’s few months old, but it will still give you a good overview of the new Skype 4.0) :

Author: Steven Sentosa

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