PCC Indonesian Fellowship Kebaktian Padang Spring 2009

This past weekend we went to the beach to have our “PCC Indonesian Fellowship Kebaktian Padang Spring 2009.” It was really fun. Unfortunately, it was little bit raining and windy for a while when we went there. The weather was clearing up later in the afternoon though.

Since we didn’t have enough car, I ended up doing three round trips to pick up my friends and dropped them back. It’s ok though. I did use more gas, but they compensated me by allowing me not to pay for the food and everything else, so I was saving around $8.

I also enjoyed the moment where I and the other two guys playing guitar for Praise and Worship. It was also the same day when I began to like Digital SLR. There were three people in our group who brought their DSLR. I tried two of the cameras, and I liked it. The quality is so much different then when you took pictures with digital camera. The problem is that DSLR is so expensive, around $400-500. Plus, you need to buy carrying case, tripod, and more lens for future use. These expenses could cost me another $500. So in total, I need to save up $1000 to get DSLR. Wow….it’s a lot of money for me. I guess we have to look and see if God provides me with the money or not in the future. When the time is right, I am planning to get a DSLR.

Here are couple pictures that I selected to best represent what happenned when we were in Pensacola beach.

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  • How come there are only boys there??

    gabybali’s last blog post..NYEPI DAY – LIKE & DISLIKE

  • ha3….you are pretty sharp, but you are right, they are only guys. The reason is because in my school, all the undergrads can not go out in a mix group between guys and girls (I can because I’m no longer undergrads) without a chaperone. That’s just one of the rule that my school has here as a Christian school, so don’t be surprised. 🙂