Put God First in Your Life!

When you think that Hollywood is full with lust and sinful actors/actresses and the place of most carnal & worldly deception, think again. At least, one actor stood up and proclaim what’s right.

Denzel Washington, one of the world’s most renown actor, spoke at the graduation ceremony at Dillard University. You might think that his message for the graduates is merely to work hard to achieve successes, but suprisingly, he told them much more than that.

The one thing that grabbed my attention the most is when he said, “Put God first in everything you do! Everything I have is by the grace of God. Understand that. It’s a gift.”

I was stunned by how boldly Denzel declared “Christianity”. It’s not something that most Americans are willing to do publicly, unfortunately. I guess he just spilled out the key to his success to the world! πŸ™‚

Source: http://qpolitical.com/they-told-denzel-dont-say-jesus-at-our-school-his-response-silenced-them-all/

Author: Steven Sentosa

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