Bass Pro Shop – The Fisherman’s Meccah


This past weekend we went to Bass Pro Shop for sightseeing, and let me tell you something, that place is awesome. If you like fishing, camping or hunting, Bass Pro Shop is the best place to go. I was literally amazed by the vast selections that they have there. I mean, if you are looking for fishing rods, you will find one here, no matter which type you are looking for. It probably has any human-conceivable rods.



However, since I had already had two rods, I restrained myself to get another one. They also have a lot of selections for fishing reels, but again, since I already had two custom reels (Okuma Stinson Si 40 and Okuma Avenger AV 65a), I didn’t get another reels. I think 2 rods and 2 reels are enough for me now. Btw, I had Shakespeare PowerRod PBWS 580 2MH 8’0″ (2.44M) Action Medium Heavy (12-30 lb. Line) and Jarvis Walker Integra IS702M 7’0″ (8-17 lb. Line) rods. They are not the best ones out there, but they are decent.

Okuma reels

There is one more thing though. Just FYI, I haven’t gone fishing for almost 3 weeks now. You may ask me, WHY? Well…that’s because I was injured. Couple weeks ago, I fell down and hurt my knee, my hand, and my arm while I’m fishing at Pensacola bridge. 🙁 I’m thinking to show you the picture of it, but I think I better not. The thing is that my wound got allergic reaction from something that you would never think of…..NEOSPORIN. It just kept getting worse and worse after I applied Neosporin to my wound, but since I didn’t know that I’m allergic to Neosporin, I ended up going to the hospital. Redness was covering all of my wound and it even got some abscess on it. My hand looked scary and gross. Finally, I realized that it was from the Neosporin, not because it got infected. The treatment is actually simple, I just washed my hand really clean until no Neosporin left. Thank God that my hand is already healed up now, and I’m ready for some fishing. I’ll bring some antiseptic medicine now though to prevent any infections, in case something like this happen again.

This next weekend I’ll go to Pensacola Pier again trying to get some King Mackarel fish. I have got several tips from people that have been fishing for a while. We’ll see if I can apply all the knowledge that I got from them or not to get the fish. I’m really looking forward for it. I’ll update you again later about this.