BREAKING NEWS: Facebook’s “Awesome” Feature is Now Live

The long anticipated alliance between Facebook and Skype is finally bringing forth its fruit with the rolling out of Facebook Video Chat.

There are 3 new features that Facebook is now rolling out:

  • Group Chat
  • Video Calling
  • and new design


However, the most anticipated one is Video Calling. Even though Facebook is one step behind Google in terms of the release date, I’m looking forward to see how Facebook Video Calling is compared with Google+ Hangout.

If you are so eager to try this new feature, you can now go to to activate the new feature. If everything works like it normally does. You should see this screen below.

What do you think about Facebook’s latest move to compete with Google+? Do you think the mighty social media giant would triumph? I don’t know. Let’s give both Facebook and Google+ sometime to prove themselves. Meanwhile, we, as their customer, would gladly accept this new addition to our social media tools disposal.

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Will Google+ Beat Facebook? (Invitation Available)

Apparently, the rumored news about Google’s own social network is proved to be a fact. Starting few days ago, Google launched their own version of social media network, rivaling Facebook, that’s called Google+.

Some of the features that are currently being rolled out are status updates, check-ins, huddle, and hangout. You can read a complete Google+ overview from Search Engine Land to see in detail about Google+.

My main question now is….”Will Google+ be able to beat Facebook?”

It might be still too early to tell for sure if Google+ would be able to beat Facebook in terms of popularity and user base. However, I see that Google is moving to the right direction with Google+. They sure learned a lot from Google Wave failure. I mean Google Wave is cool, but it’s too complicated and impractical to use for a non-techie person. I can see how Google Wave technology could be developed into something great in the future, but in its current state, I don’t think it’s gonna go anywhere.

On the other hand, I can see a great potential already in Google+. I have been using Google+ for about 2-3 days now and I think Google+ could beat Facebook, for several reasons:  Continue reading “Will Google+ Beat Facebook? (Invitation Available)” »

Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam Tips and Guide

It has been a long time that I wanted to take Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) Exam, but I couldn’t take it until recently. Most of the reason were time and the courage to bite the bullet and do it.

Google Analytics IQ allows individuals to demonstrate proficiency in Google Analytics. It covers web analytics techniques and Google Analytics implementation, administration, and analysis tools.

So for those of you who were preparing for Google Analytics IQ Exam, I would like to share some tips. I’m not saying that you would get 100% after following my tips, but at least you would get 94% (just like me). Without further ado, let’s dive in.

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