Blackberry Messenger Akan Hadir Untuk Android dan iOS di Indonesia

[ UPDATED 2013/09/22 Download link untuk Android: ]

Menunggu bukanlah suatu hal yang menyenangkan. Hal ini terlebih lagi berat ketika menunggu aplikasi Blackberry Messenger hadir di platform Android dan iOS. Personally, kareana saya menggunakan device Android, tentu saja saya menanti-nantikan aplikasi Blackberry Messenger (BBM) yang resmi di Google Play Store. Kemungkinan besar, aplikasi terbaru dari Blackberry Limited ini akan dapat di-download di sini.


Namun terakhir kali saya memeriksanya (2013/09/21 21:30), BBM client belum keluar di halaman tersebut. Mungkin anda sudah tahu sekarang, bahwa banyak sekali aplikasi-aplikasi BBM di Google Play Store sekarang yang sebenarnya adalah semuanya palsu. Jadi jangan anda terpancing untuk mendowload dan menginstallnya.

Hal ini sejalan dengan apa yang @BBM katakan bahwa aplikasi BBM untuk Android belum di release.

Twitter - @BBM for AndroidNamun jika anda pengguna iOS yang tinggal di New Zealand, berbahagialah! Karena BBM for iOS sudah tersedia disana, as of 2013/09/22 00:01 their local time.

Twitter - @BBM for iOSSaya akan memantau terus perkembangan ini, dan akan segera mengupdate page ini dengan download link dari aplikasi BBM for Android atau informasi tambahan lainya mengenai hal ini.

NOTE: Jika ada dari anda yang mengetahui “keberadaan” BBM for Android, terutama untuk market Indonesia, silahkan share linknya di section comment di bawah ini.

I’m a new Blackberry convert now

Finally, after 2 months of absent from the blogosphere, I’m back now. There are a lot of things going on in this past monts that made me so busy, that I have little or no time to blog. In the future, I’ll try to set up priorities so that I can still blog even though I’m so busy.

If you were following my blog, you’ll know that I fall in love with iPhone. The reason that I haven’t got it until now is because I’m waiting for iPhone’s new release this June. Lo and behold….I ended up with Blackberry Bold now. You might ask why in the world that you changed your mind? Well…there are several reasons:

  1. iPhone is more for entertainment, but I need a phone that can be used for both entertainment and business uses. First of all, iPhones lacks physical keyboard. Since I’m emailing, typing and texting a lot, physical keyboard is more comfortable to use for me. Even though iPhone has bigger screen, BB Bold has decent size screen with screen sharpness and color deep that are in par with iPhone.
  2. Blackberry (BB) has the true and “real-time” email and application push notification that are not yet to be found in iPhone (the next iPhone might have this push feature included) or any other phones. The reason is because iPhone doesn’t support bakground application processing, which make the program “unaware” of any new content updates.
  3. BB has its own BB Messenger that works even as International text message. The downside is that it has to be between BBs. BB Messenger is so robust that it can send files, pictures, and voicenotes (max 2.9 Mb) to your BB partner. It is surprisingly much faster than sending them through regular email though. It may be because they went through BB server instead of just a regular server.
  4. BB looks more professional for business use. I don’t know why, but BB has this business atmosphere around it. It is just different when you found out that your business partner is using BB than if he was using iPhone.
  5. BB is not ATT’s owned, so you can unlock it for free, and bring it overseas and use your own local cellphone carrier.

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Even though BB Bold is a great device, there are couple things that can be improved by RIM in the future:

  • Memory Management. You need to do a battery pull once and a while, or using application such as “Quick Pull” to accomplish the same effect. If the memory is low, your BB will work really slow.
  • Battery life. If you are using BB Bold for chat, email, browsing, and checking FB constantly, you will probably get a half day of battery life. The power management definitely needs some works. You can buy a more poweful battery though, even it might add the bulkiness of BB Bold.

Final Verdict

BB is definitely for business people. It is so easy to send email, texting, and typing using BB. However, it lacks the entertainment glamour that is in iPhone. However, BlackBerry, especially BB Bold, starts catching up in entertainment side with its nice Media Player looks and stereo speakers (the loudest and clearest cellphone speakers I have ever heard so far). So if you are a “text” person and can’t miss a single email or maybe a private message from someone special on Facebook, you should go with BlackBerry, in my case, it’s gonna be BB Bold. Why? because it has 3G and faster processor.

What’s new in iPhone OS 3.0?

Apple finally released preview of iPhone OS 3.0 yesterday. It’s going to come out this Summer. I’m not sure when, but it’s this Summer. If you want to know more about what’s new in iPhone OS 3.0 you can check it out in more detail at,, or

To summarize, here are the changes that I think worth to mention:

  • Cut and Paste
  • MMS
  • Tethering
  • Email push notification
  • Landscape keyboard
  • Stereo A2DP Bluetooth

I’m kinda upset that Apple did not include video recording capability in its new OS, but it’s ok, at least, Apple has added most of the features that I want to be included in the new OS.

I think the reason why Apple is not including all features at once is more of marketing strategy. If iPhone were to have all features that consumers want, people will less likely to buy iPhone future releases since they have already got all that they want in their current iPhone. To prevent this to happen, Apple “gradually” adds features to its phone. I know there might be others issues such as security issues, power management, and other problems as well, but they are not as important as their marketing strategy. Plus, a lot of Apple’s competitors start to catching up with iPhone, such as Palm Pre, HTC Touch Pro 2, HTC Magic, etc. So if Apple didn’t do something, it will be crushed by the others. Luckily, Apple released iPhone new OS 3.0.

On the side, I’m so glad that iPhone is finally available in my home country, Indonesia. It’s about time. The reason for this is because if I end up getting iPhone as my next phone (I’m available for discount upgrade next month. Yiippeee…..the option is either to get iPhone or wait several months to get HTC Touch Pro 2), I want to be able to use it when I go back to Indonesia. So now, I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

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