5 Steps to Keep Your Twitter Followers?

Quit following on TwitterWhen we joined Twitter, we were planning to make a long lasting friends of followers and build our Twitter community, right? But, the problem is the more you are Twittering, the more you are losing your followers. How can we prevent that? several things we can do:

  1. Determine first, what are your focus in using Twitter.
    Is it to update your day-to-day activities so your friends can know what you are doing? Is it to “micro blogging” where you are posting a short 120 chars blogging content that usually link to other sources? Is it to promote your business? Is it to deliver specific service like “quote of the day”, “verse of the day”, “daily wisdom”, etc? Based on your focus, you will attract different kind of followers depending on what they need. For this reason, if you are changing your focus, your followers will lose their interests in following you. That’s why they quit being your follower.
  2. Update your Twitter status regularly.
    Nothing worse than having twitter fellow that only tweet once a month. What’s the purpose of joining Twitter if you only update your status once a month? You are not giving any value to your followers by rarely updating your status. It’s better for them to just follow someone else that’s more active than you are.
  3. Interact with your followers.
    Communication is a two-way stream. You are not just receiving information, but you also need to share information to your followers. Once and a while, ask a question to your followers. Involve them in your twitter activities, may be by retweeting theirs, replying their tweet, recommending them to someone else, or simply just by mentioning them in one of your tweet. It will show them that you appreciate them.
  4. Just be yourself.
    People like you the way you are. Be different. Be controversial. Be unique. Honestly, people are looking for someone they can follow. Why? because the more people someone is following, the more information he can get in whatever area that he’s focussing. If someone likes Internet Marketing, he will try to find people that twitters a lot about Internet Marketing to enhance his knowledge; if someone likes photography, he will find another fellow photographers that twitters about photography; and so on. So find something that describes who you are and you are passionate about, and stick with it. That’s why, don’t worry of not getting more followers. If you stick with your focus, people will find you and follow you. Just be yourself.
  5. Use multimedia
    Pictures and videos will always attract people attention. Use twitter picture sharing website (twitpic.com) or video sharing website (twiddeo.com) to attach multimedia to your twitter updates. Those multimedia attaachment will spice up your  “twits” by giving post variety to your twitter. Your followers can relate more to you when you share your picture or video, since they can actually see you in your “real life”, not just your online life through your twits. When people relate to you, they will hesitate to leave, and choose to stick with you.

Using Twitter in Surgery?

I got this video from a RT by @JayGilmore. It really opens my eyes on how limitless we can use Twitter. We can use Twitter for everything from education, group meeting and discussion, status update, sport match commentary, even package tracking (just some random ideas I come up with). Plus, with Twitter API, you can develop Twitter apps for various needs.

In this video the surgeon used Twitter to broadcast the operation to the whole world as he uses Twitter as one of his teaching method. It’s a brilliant idea, isn’t?

Do you have any ideas on what you want to use your Twitter for? It doesn’t have to be something that you have already done, it could be something random that you think would be cool and useful for others. If you have one, please share it here.

9 Twitter Applications You Should Know

In these past couple days, I was being introduced to several Twitter applications that I would share with you. I have not tried all of them, since I haven’t had the need to use every single one of them. However, these applications may perfectly fit your need. Ok, here we go.




If you were using one of these Twitter applications, please let me know how it goes and what you use it for.

Personally, I have only been using Twitter Counter and TwtPets.

  • With Twitter Counter, you can show in your blog how many followers you have on your Twitter account. It’s not really that fancy, but it does its job. You can also check your followers trend on their website and see your followers progress. They can even predict how many followers you will have the next month.
  • With TwtPets, you can upload the picture of your pet, put description, and have a “cute” battle with other TwtPets uploaders. As a visitor, you are given two pictures of pet, and you have to choose which one of the two is the cutest one. You can play how ever many “cute” battle contests as you want. At the end, you can see the result from the survey taken by people, which one is the cutest TwtPets. It’s really fun to play, actually.


[Update 01/19/09: Check out also Steve’s 29 Twitter Tools for more Twitter applications]