U.S. President Inauguration 2009


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Taken from TrueObamaFacts.com

Presenting to you Live feed of USA Today’s U.S. President Inauguration 2009 from Mogulus.com 


What do you think about Obama’s inauguration this time? Do you think he will be a good leader for U.S.? Can he really pull America out of  this economic crisis? Will he really ban gun sales? How about our tax, are we going to pay more tax under Obama’s administration? I don’t know. We have to wait and see, I guess. I hope you enjoy the live feed 🙂

Another video feed that I found:

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  • i can honestly say i’m looking forward to the next eight years…

  • yup…me too. I heard a lot of controversy about him. But, one think that I know, he is the president of U.S. now, so no matter what people say, we have to support him fully. May America be a better nation 🙂