Viet Hoa Food Market

Nothing personal, but I think no food can beat Asian foods. They are just so rich in flavors and spices.

It has been couple months since the last time I went to Viet Hoa Food Market. My stock of Asian foods were almost gone. Luckily, one of my friend asked me if I want to go there or not today. My reply was YES.

I bought several things from there:

1 box of Indomie Rasa Pedas
Smiling Fishes
Pancit Canton noodle
Shim Ramyun ramen
Curry paste
Sambal Oeloek
Sesame Oil

All of this almost cost me $40. I guess you need to sacrifice your money more if you want to eat some good food, right? Can’t wait to cook those Indomie. My mouth is already watering just by mentioning it. If you have never tried Indomie before, you should.

If you are in Pensacola, FL area, like Asian foods, and want to visit Viethoa Food Market, here’s the address:

Viet Hoa Food Market
3707 Mobile Hwy.
Pensacola, FL 32505
(850) 433-8230
Tu-Sa 08:30-19:30; Su 8:30-18:30

Author: Steven Sentosa

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