2009-01-10 BBQ Gatherings

Went to the first BBQ event after I came back to school for my master degree. We have planned this for a long time, but our friends always have something else going on, so we can’t go together. Finally, all of us can go to BBQ today. The weather was not the best. It was drizzling the whole morning until the afternoon. When we first arrived there, it was so windy and still drizzling little bit, but we don’t care, and did the BBQ anyway.

We don’t have much difficulty in lighting up the fire, since it was so windy, and the wind helped us little bit in keeping the fire going. BUT…we were out of charcoal in the middle of grilling, so we were improvise little bit. We were collecting dry branches from around us, and used it for fire (trick that I learned from Survivorman and Man Vs. Wild hahahha) It actually worked like a charm, even though branches won’t last as long as charcoal. The point is we made it through all the grilling without anymore charcoal. (even though one of our friends bought another sack of charcoal, just in case)

Everything went well, thank God. One funny thing happened though. While we were grilling the food, there was a boat “explode” into a fire not too far from us. Luckily one of my friend was able to record it in a video for me. Since I was BBQ-ing at that time, my hands were all too dirty to hold the camera. I’ll post the video later, so please wait.

Author: Steven Sentosa

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