2009-01-10 Campus Church 5K Run

I’ve been looking forward for this event since last week. Even though I’m not in my best shape, it still excited me to be able to just hang out with the church people, run together, and just having a good time of fellowship.

I was little bit disappointed this morning, because it was raining. I thought that the even was canceled. Luckily, it wasn’t. So, I went to the church, which is just couple minutes away from my place, and ran the race. Well….it’s not actually a race. They gave us option either running or just walking. I prefer running, but honestly, I wasn’t running the whole time. It was a combination of walking, jogging and running. I don’t even know what do you call it. hhahahaha

The track wasn’t too long. It was 5k or about 3 miles. Since the campus church building is within the campus itself, we just ran circling our campus twice to reach 3 miles, and there were about 100-200 people participating I think. You have to realize that our campus is not that big. It’s a private school where the student body is only about 6,000 people. It’s still pretty good size for private school, I think.

Well…finally I finished the race. I am really out of shape though. I can only run for the first lap out of two, and I was kindna jog for the second lap. Considering how many food I ate for the last Christmas season, it really doesn’t surprise me.

Towards the end, it started to drizzle little bit again, but no body seems to care about it. We just ran like it was clear shining day. LOL Overall, I really enjoyed it though. Ouw…I also bought the t-shirt. It’s pretty cool actually. You can see the picture in the gallery within this post. This afternoon, we will have BBQ together at Bayview Community Center. My only hope is that, hopefully, that 3 miles run effort won’t go away because of this BBQ gatherings. hahaha I know I’m going to eat a lot though, because I am really hungry now after that 3 miles run. It’s all about self-control. We’ll see if I can control myself this time. I have to go now. Need to get ready to do some pretty serious BBQ. See you in my next post about the BBQ event. Have a great weekend, y’all!

Author: Steven Sentosa

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