“Bokek” Lunch Day at Multiply

It’s towards the end of the month and all of us who work as an employee will experience the same problem…running out of money!!

Luckily our HR department came out with this brilliant idea to have “Bokek” Lunch Day 🙂 “Bokek” is an Indonesian slang word for “broke”, so the idea is that the company will sponsor a lunch for everybody in the company one day before the payday. Isn’t it nice and thoughtful?

This month’s menu is cap-cay, bakwan jagung, and ayam bumbu bali.


Author: Steven Sentosa

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  • wew.. enak sekaliii.. andaikan HRD kantor g jg berpikiran spt itu… *agak mustahil*

    • Hhahhahaa…jangan bilang mustahil dulu. Coba aja diusulkan, siapa tau diterima usulannya 🙂