Page #1 in Google Search. Really?

Wow…unbelievable! One of my blog post is actually on the first page of Google, under certain keywords obviously. Those keywords are “western digital element 1tb” and “WD elements 1tb”. It’s pretty cool actually, because my post was there along with,, and

I don’t know how it happened, but it just happened. May be you can tell me why. My analysis tells me that I was because of the title of the post itself, “HOT DEAL for Western Digital Elements 1TB”, and the several times I mentioned about ” Western Digital Elements 1 TB” and “WD Elements 1TB” in the post itself. I think Google evaluate my post based on its relevancy with the keyword  “Western Digital Element 1TB”. Since Google found several variations of that keyword in my post, it must think that my post is highly related, therefore getting high rank for it.

Based on my observation, here are several tips on how to be on Google #1 page:

  1. Before you create a post, think about the keyword (or keywords) that you want your post to score high rank on.
  2. Find a good blog post title that incorporate that keyword as much as possible, without harming your reader. I mean, you can always use this big long keyword as your title, like “very hot super deal western digital hard drive 1 terra byte (1TB) the best deal in the planet,” but this keyword will not too appealing for readers and rather annoying.
  3. When you write your blog post, keep the keywords in your mind, and taylor your writings to use those keywords through out the place in your post. Repetitive use is fine, as long as it doesn’t hurt the quality of the content.
  4. Learn from past success. Track…Track…and Track.

What do you think? have you ever been on page #1 Google? how did you do that?


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Author: Steven Sentosa

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  • I have been for lots of things over the years, usually though for my typos 😉

  • It happened to me also couple times when I wrote for other site.

    Sometimes it amazes me how fast Google crawls the internet. May be too fast that I’m no longer on #1 page of Google for those keywords. hiks… 🙁 but at least I can learn something from it.