Sushi Joobu – All You Can Eat Sushi for Rp. 109,999++

It’s rare to find a place to eat sushi around my home area, so when I passed by this place, Sushi Joobu (it’s close to Puri Indah), I have been wanting to try out this place, especially after reading “All you can eat sushi for Rp. 109,999++” But poor me, I never had the chance to try it, not until about several months later.

Few days ago, when I got back from my church, by myself, I remembered that I wanted to try out this place, so I decided to go there alone and eating by myself *anybody wants to accompany me?? HINT: F.Y., this invitation is for you 🙂

If you don’t know the address of this place, here it is:

Sushi Joobu Sushi Restaurant
Ph. 021-581-9091
Jl. Pesanggrahan 10G
Jakarta Barat

Author: Steven Sentosa

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