We should get an Oscar or Academy award for this

Wow…we celebrated two people’s birthday two days in a row. Yesterday was Chang Hun, and now it was Fandy Santoso. We also “tricked” him for his surprise birthday party. I don’t know why do we always surprise someone for his birthday. It’s to make it more memorable, I guess; but personally, I prefer my birthday to be just a “normal” one. The reason is because if I’m expecting my friends to throw a party for me and they were not, I’ll be so disapointed 🙁

I and my friend, Irsan Linarta, called Fandy to ask him out on Saturday night to go to Red Lobster (fandy’s birthday is on Sunday, 08 Feb though). The reason is because Fandy received a red lobster voucher from his brother, so he can eat free there. I and Irsan have already agreed on what we are going to tell Fandy on the phone. The key is to ask him out somewhere at 6PM (the time when all of our friends gathered together for Fandy’s birthday). So, we called Fandy (on a conference call):

Irsan: “Since tomorrow is your birthday, why don’t we go out to Red Lobster? Plus, you will be working tomorrow night, so we don’t have time to celebrate your birthday tomorrow.”
Steven: “Red Lobster? wow…it’s so expensive.”
Irsan: “It is….but this is only one time thing. It’s for Fandy’s birthday.”
Steven: “Ok…why not”
Fandy: “What a coincidence…I just got a Red Lobster voucher from my bro.”
Irsan: “really…that’s great. Why don’t we go at 6PM?” 
Steven: “No…I’m still full now. I just ate at 2 o’clock this afternoon.” 
Fandy: “Yes, me too…I’m still full also.”
Irsan: “Ouw…come on…ok…Steven, why don’t you take me first to DHL store, I want to send some stuff, and go to the mall afterward, I forgot to buy something for a valentine gift. So, by the time we are done, it will be around 8PM.”
Steven: “Ok…that sounds good. Ask the others to come also.”
Fandy: “Ok, I am in. See you guys later at 6 PM.”

Yes!!! mission accomplished. hahahaa I purposely disagreed with Irsan in many things to make it more believable to Fandy. Irsan told me later that he had a tough time to “counter” my arguments though. wakakakaa Now, we were going to Red Lobster around 6PM. However, I stopped somewhere first pretending that I had to give some stuff to my friend. I opened the trunk pretending to get some stuff, while Fandy was in the car. Meanwhile, the other friends start to come out from the Commons (one of the building here on campus), and I start playing my guitar while they are approching my car to sing Happy Birthday. LOL…everything went smoothly. Fandy had no clue that it was going to be his birthday party. We had a great time together at the commons as we celebrate his birthday.

I love friendship. It what makes us growing stronger. A friend sacrifice his time and effort to make his friend happy.

Btw, we gave Fandy WD Element 1TB as a present. He quite shocked when he got the present. It’s something that he really wants, so he was really happy. 

Fandy told me later that he sensed that something was just not right from the beginning when I called him, but he really didn’t realize that it’s going to be his birthday surprise party. hhahaha so he was completely clueless. I guess we are just that good in tricking people. We should get Oscar or Academy Award for this, I think.

After that, we are going to Macaroni and Grill the next day to celebrate Fandy’s birthday. It’s actually a really nice place, and a fancy one, I should say. The foods are great, the services are good, we even got complimentary chocolate cakes for Fandy’s birthday. It’s little bit pricy, but hey….it’s an Italian restaurant, and I ordered “Lobster Raviolli”, so the price of $15 a meal was reasonable.

Author: Steven Sentosa

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  • Those food on photos looks yummy and makes me hungry!! February is a lovely month to celebrate birthday & love indeed!!

    gabybali’s last blog post..WHAT ARE YOU DOING ? YM/FS/FB/TWITTER

  • The Italian foods are good, but I thought Italian food is not your type. hahahha as you said, Indonesian food is the best. I think your chicken satay will taste much better than my Lobster Raviolli LOL….

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  • It’s funny because I don’t know why everyone likes to throw surprise birthday parties. But you’re right, the fun part is trying to keep it a secret and acting all cool, like nothing’s going on. Good job.

    And I like how you whipped out your guitar and sang Happy Birthday. That’s creative. I’ll have to try that some time (except I don’t know how to play one.)

  • I agree, the best part is when we are acting cool like nothing’s gonna happen. Sometimes it’s hard though, because you just want to laugh everytime you are acting cool. LOL
    You should learn to play guitar. It’s easier than learning other instruments. Plus, it’s easy to carry around (like put it in the trunk and pop it out for a birthday party).